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In the early 2000s, Spring Creek Spirituality was founded by Randy Bell to provide support and resources for spiritual seekers. From the beginning, the emphasis was on the individual: responding to his/her particular needs, within whatever directions they were called, at whatever stage in their journey, working towards whatever Truths they are discovering.

Towards that Purpose, a variety of spiritual tools and experiences have been made available over the ensuing years. Books, blog essays, teaching sessions and workshops, lectures, group meditations, one-on-one spiritual companioning and/or direction, and - most predominately - making available until 2017 a spiritual sanctuary for tailored individual times in the quiet space of the beautiful and inspiring mountains of Western North Carolina.

While various instructors and practitioners have shared their gifts to help make these efforts possible, Spring Creek Spirituality's current activities are centered on Randy's teachings through more direct venues (see "Our Teachers" tab for his full resume). These activities include:

         + Individualized conversations and sessions for personal spiritual development

         + Leading a spiritual meditation group in Madison County, NC

         + Facilitating monthly meetings of a spiritual community group in Asheville, NC

          + Ongoing writings focused on spirituality and social commentary
              (  McKee Learning Foundation - books ; Our Spiritual Way - blog essays, spirituality ; 
                  Thoughts From The Mountain - blog essays, social commentary  )

         + Session presenter at the International Wild Goose Festival, Hot Springs, NC
                (e.g. "Conversations With America" presentation, July, 2019) 

         + Fall 2018 / Winter 2019 tour promoting his book, "Conversations With America:
                 Confronting the Divisive Challenges of Our Time" 

Please feel free to contact us directly at Info@SpringCreekSpirituality.com to discuss where you are on your spiritual journey and potential ideas for "your next steps."


          (See below, Program Statement #1: "Spiritual Direction")  

    + Spiritual Direction: Individualized Guidance Towards the Spiritual Life
         Individual consultation in spiritual direction for people exploring their personal spiritual path.
         Starting from wherever the person currently is, a trans-spiritual approach is used for 
         guidance, drawing from the teachings and insights of many spiritual traditions and master
         teachers. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to determine his/her spiritual course.

  + Awareness - Insight - Mindfulness: 3 Keys To Living An Enlightened Life
         Exploring three principal concepts in Buddhist practice: understanding about being Aware;
         pursuing Insight into our life and the outer world; and living Mindfully "in the moment."

          (See below, Program Statement #2: "Intentional Meditation")

     + Starting A Personal Meditation Practice: A Beginning Workshop
        An introduction to the practice of formal meditation, some beginning forms that can be utilized, 
         and how to apply these to create your own personal practice.

    + Forms of Meditation: Setting Your Intention
        An exploration of some of the many different meditation forms available to us,based upon one's intention,
        in order to broaden the techniques available to us when creating a personal meditation practice.

    + Regular Meditation Practice
        Specific offerings of meditation practice, including around special events of the calendar, 
        are offered on a periodic basis as appropriate.


                                                 PAST WORKSHOP OFFERINGS


    + Lessons From The Teacher Jesus: A Guided Meditation
    + Lessons From The Teacher Buddha: A Guided Meditation
    + Lessons From The Teacher Muhammad: A Guided Meditation
     + Lessons From The Teacher Moses: A Guided Meditation
         Non-denominational meditations based upon the core lessons taught by these Spiritual Masters
        and their application to our lives. Based upon Randy Bell's four books on each of these Teachers.

EMBRACING CHANGE - A Multi-part Program Series:
+ Achieving Spiritual Success: A Closed or Open Gate on Your Path
            Develops understanding of how our models and definitions of spiritual and secular Success
         drive our personal decisions.

    + Creating the Capacity for Personal Change: Loosening the Chains of Loss
        Explores how Change has affected your life, and presents methods to create more satisfying change.
+ Approaching Change Through Joy: Opening To Your Creativity
         Reacquaints us with our joyful creative natures and the direct connection of joyful activity to our spirit.
    + Finding The Calling Of Your Soul: A Personal Retreat
            Reviews how you have made your career and work decisions, and offers guidance for making future
         decisions within the full being of your soul and the fulfillment of your true and best self.

    + Creating Your Plan For Change: An Applied Retreat
            Assists you in defining the Change you seek and develops strategies to achieve it.

Program Statement #1: "Spiritual Direction"

The term “spiritual direction” can connote many different things within various cultures and religious traditions. Similarly, the roles of “spiritual director” and “directee” can be equally varying. But what these ideas share is a commitment to pursuing a deep exploration into one’s spiritual beliefs and their expression. To deepening our understanding and relationship with all of Creation – both the Creator and the Created – in the company of one another.

As practiced at Spring Creek Spirituality, spiritual direction is a deliberate but tailored process of exploring and discovering one’s inner spirituality. From this process, we bring our newly discovered Self more fully into the world and deepen our connection to all greater than we. Sometimes the spiritual director serves as an informed guide; sometimes as a spiritual companion traveling together with the directee; sometimes as a special friend providing a safe space for telling deeply felt personal stories. There are no preset beliefs to be learned, no final destination point for this journey. Instead, we continually discover a revealing of our authentic Self, shorn of the many layers of deception and disguises within which we have encumbered ourselves over our lifetime. That authentic Self can then embrace the authentic Spirit with which we seek a full connection as we fulfill the true Intention of our Life.


We go about this work in a number of ways. Through long conversations that gradually reveal our core beliefs. By exploring various spiritual ideas against which we can reflect and expand upon our emerging beliefs. By reading worthwhile and relevant texts of spiritual substance. By asking questions that surface our conflicts of faith and lead us to awaiting answers.

Concurrently, we explore ritual, the ways we express our spiritual feelings. Meditation, artistic expression, spiritual community, religious worship are avenues by which we transform ideas into practice, into the actions that make our spirituality become real and vibrantly alive. Ultimately, our spirituality is about both knowing and being.

Each of us is a separate Person, an individual Soul, containing a unique Spirit. That separateness is nevertheless bound up within the whole of Creation. Even if only for a brief period, Spring Creek Spirituality is available to walk with you on a path tailored for your specific journey. We will not tell you what route to take, nor to what particular endpoint. But we will help you see some of the routes that are open to you, from which you may choose to follow for the next phase of your spiritual life. We look forward to sharing this time together with you.

Program Statement #2: "Intentional Meditation"

Over the past 60 years, there has been a broad movement of people developing a personal meditation practice.  Their reasons are very diversified and highly individualized.  Some are seeking physical relaxation and body awareness, or relief from physical and/or mental stress.  Some are looking to get more in touch with their deeper, inner Self, or perhaps a broader understanding of Life and their place in it.  Some are seeking a spiritual experience and connection with that which is greater than one’s Self.

While today’s world-wide interest in meditation may be relatively new, meditation is a practice that goes back thousands of years.  To Hindu yogis around 5000 years ago; to Buddhist and Taoist practices 2500 years ago; to quiet prayer in early Christianity; to Catholic and Jewish mystics of the Renaissance.

One can spend quiet, quality time in reflection in a special setting within a calm mind, thereby enjoying a meditative-like experience.  However more people today are pursuing some form of a formally structured meditation practice, a deliberate practice drawn from particular religious traditions, clinical research, or timeless experience and guidance.

Given the long history of meditation and the many reasons to meditate, there are many different ways to meditate.  At Spring Creek Spirituality, we study and practice what we call “Intentional Meditation.”  In Intentional Meditation, we learn a variety of Meditation forms: techniques, skills, methods, postures, ritual settings – forms drawn from across a spectrum of meditation approaches, without prejudgment or prejudice.  We then associate these various forms with a particular Intention that we seek to pursue, such as for improved awareness, calmness of body and mind, enlightened insight into our Self, or meaningful connection to the vast Universe within which we live.

Through this discovery and experiential process, each meditator is then able to develop his/her “personal meditation practice,” building upon a flexible inventory of forms in order to adapt to one’s changing needs.  That personal practice is formed out of deep study, and continually tested by one’s repeated personal experiences.  The result may lead to a deeper connection with one’s existing routines, or into a changed manner of mediation, or into following a more formally established meditation tradition.

We invite you to join with us in this Intentional Meditation path of personal discovery and practice.  Whether just starting on your journey, or seeking to widen and deepen your current path, you will be most welcome here.  Peace be within you.


For other resources, see www.McKeeLearningFoundation.com &/or www.ThoughtsFromTheMountain.blogspot.com &/or www.OurSpiritualWay.blogspot.com

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