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Mission and Approach

Spring Creek Spirituality – Assumptions

There are many Truths.  And those Truths exist in many places.  There are many ways to understand and experience the vast visible world around us, as well as that invisible existence that surrounds our being.


Within Spring Creek Spirituality, there is no pre-set program, no one body of teachings to transmit, no one method of mandatory study and practice.  Though the teachings of Buddha, Jesus of Nazareth, and Lao-Tsu serve as our primary guides, we listen to many Others who may give us a right insight in a right moment – Others from the distant past; Others more contemporary to our times.


At Spring Creek Spirituality, we accept that there is a greater Spirit, an Energy, a Presence that is beyond our seeing or full knowing. It is a Presence that is called many different names, about which there are many impressions and beliefs, a Presence that is a real and genuine partner in our lives.  Spring Creek Spirituality works with Spiritual Searchers who are committed to: enhancing their understandings of this Presence; creating an active, living connection with that Presence; coming to an understanding of their own purpose and role in this earthly life; and living a positive and connected life with all other persons and creations of this Earth.  We seek alongside the Searcher; we guide where we have direction to offer; we stand back when it is time for the Searcher to necessarily move on.

Spring Creek Spirituality – 12 Core Beliefs

The guidance of Spring Creek Spirituality is drawn from a core of twelve spiritual beliefs that transcend the thinking of any specific religion. We believe: 

1.     that there is a Divine Presence outside our ability to see and know fully, but within our capacity to know somewhat.

2.     that this Presence is engaged with each of us in some individually-appropriate manner as to how we live our life and what comes into our life.

3.     that our primary reason to exist on earth is to continually learn, to expand our spiritual knowledge and the scope of our view, driven towards being able “to see and think as God.”

4.     that spiritual learning requires a constant exposure to that which is new to us, a constant engagement with that which challenges us, a constant reassessment of what we believe.

5.     that all existence is in constant change, requiring us to continually give up what is familiar, and willingly take on that which is unknown and with unforeseeable outcomes.

6.     that our unhappiness comes from futilely trying to make permanent that which is in fact changing; that our happiness comes from the excitement of a new understanding learned, or a new moment of connection with others experienced.

7.     that our task is to see beyond what is directly in front of us, and to avoid creating artificial versions of life reflecting what we want to see; instead, we work to see everything for exactly what it truly is, understanding that self-delusion is self-defeating to our spiritual quest.

8.     that we do not live in a vacuum, that we are intimately and integrally attached to and defined by all other forms of existence in the Earth, without whom we would not be as we are.

9.     that we must integrate well with all that surrounds us, because how we treat others is how we will be treated.

10.  that all learning must be beyond the faculties of just one’s mind, but must be tested and made true in one’s actual living experience in the world.

11.  that we need to achieve the greatest quantity and quality of this learning as possible in the limited years available to us in this one lifetime.

12.  That all  creation is of this Eternal Spirit, therefore all forms of religions and holy messengers are from God, made available to us to find a source of our communion and expression with God.

Spring Creek Spirituality - Approach

Building upon these Core Beliefs, Spring Creek Spirituality serves as a next plateau of Learning, a temporary source of renewal on the path of each Searcher. We start with where the Searcher is at this moment; we examine together the questions, the choices, the troublings the Searcher is facing; we try to sort through the confusions that are clouding the thinking; and we seek to identify the one small Truth needed in this particular moment, at this juncture, to move the Searcher ahead with that next small step needed. For the spiritual journey is not one big leap into consciousness and realization; it is a series of never-ending small steps that bring us from today into tomorrow.

To find that next small step:

  1. We listen: through deep and intent listening, we explore the depths of the Searcher’s beliefs, opinions and feelings and how they were derived.
  2. We question: we probe to separate out what the Searcher thinks s/he thinks versus what s/he knows.
  3. We read and listen: we learn from the insights of others, considering the outcomes of the journeys of others, but accepting their experiences only with discerned judgment.
  4. We teach: where appropriate, lessons and thoughts are presented for the Searcher’s consideration.
  5. We ask and answer: in Q/A discussions, nuances of thinking are clarified, implications are considered, and practical ramifications are evaluated.
  6. We present: in group workshops on specific topics, we address certain particular aspects of life’s journey.
  7. We reflect: in quiet settings and reflective walks, we remove ourselves from life’s everyday distractions for moments that allow special attention to ourselves.
  8. We meditate: we enhance our formal meditative skills, drawing from a variety of meditation practices, in order to listen to ourselves, teach ourselves, so that “to our own selves we can be true.”
  9. We connect: we explore how the Divine Presence already speaks to us, and how to better open our ears, eyes and hearts to that Voice.

Spring Creek Spirituality is pleased and humbled
 to be one small part, one brief stop,
 in your personal spiritual journey.

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