Spring Creek Spirituality
        Discovering God in the Everyday
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Spring Creek Spirituality is dedicated to providing people with opportunities
 to explore and include God's presence in their daily lives.

Spring Creek Spirituality is a non-denominational spiritual setting,
independent of a specific religious dogma, discussed in everyday language.
Through shared discussion, presentation, readings,
reflection, and quiet moments, together we find ways to continually find God.
We then look to include God's presence, along with teachings from the 
spiritual Masters that have graced this earth, into the realities of our daily living.

Identifying and consistently applying spiritual principles to our daily lives is hard.
Yet that is what ultimately determines who we truly are and where we are on our spiritual path.
Spring Creek Spirituality is dedicated to assisting in this process.

There need be no separation between God and us,
 between our secular life and our spiritual life.

contact: info@SpringCreekSpirituality.com

[Spring Creek Spirituality is a North Carolina tax-deductible 501(c)3 religious organization]

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